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A group of diverse people of all ages walking towards something off camera. They are smiling and talking. The background of the image has dense trees and bright green grass.

“Kotahi te kōhao o te ngira e kuhuna ai te miro mā, te miro pango, te miro whero”.
There is but one eye of the needle, through which white, black and red cotton must pass.  - Potatau Te Wherowhero

Systems Change Champions 

There's a rising tide of Collective Systems Change Champions across the motuThese ones are championing collective systems change projects across Aotearoa and beyond.

They believe:

we can never do systems change alone


in redesigning systems that are fair and work for everyone

embracing complexity and being open to possibilities is essential

valuing the input of all players in the system is critical

community-led development principles are at the heart of leading change initiatives

systems change requires patience and an investment of time, energy and passion


in the interconnectedness of all things

The whakataukī above emphasises the importance of weaving together skills and knowledge, the strength in collaboration, shared purpose, and the idea that collective efforts can achieve remarkable outcomes.

Being a Collective Systems Change Champion requires leadership to convene all players in the system so as many as possible can be part of the transformation process. 

'Players in the system' could be

  • Those who are adversely affected by the system itself

  • Organisations

  • Government

  • Communities 

  • Institutions 

  • Businesses 

​Remember, Systems Change can be multifaceted. It often involves interdisciplinary approaches, a deep understanding of the system's dynamics and collectively shifting all conditions holding the system in place.



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