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Two women stand in front of a wall sticking post it notes to it. One is wearing a white shirt with dark long hair and glasses and the other is standing behind her with short hair and wearing a denim jacket.

Our Whakapapa

How we got here:

The team at Seed Waikato ran a season focusing on growing awareness and engagement in Waikato’s local politics during the 2022 local elections. 

Through our Circles Pilot Project we found young adults passionate about change but not confident in how to go about making collective change happen. 


We realised to ignite meaningful societal change, building a collective voice is critical. And having the right connections or experience to do this is challenging! 

We began to wonder if other change champions were having similar experiences and so Seeds for Change began to germinate. 

We want to tautoko and awhi the ones using a systems-led lens to look “upstream” to begin building world where everyone is thriving.   


We also believe our young people have a vital role to play in growing movements for systemic change. It often takes many years to see the positive impact from systems change efforts – so our young people are the ones who will get to see and reap the benefits of their actions. Collective change making means we all have a part in weaving our strengths together to create thriving communities. 

As we’ve started working on systems change initiatives, we’ve found the mahi can be challenging.  It can feel isolating and sometimes overwhelming for the team of passionate people working at shifting the conditions keeping inequitable systems in place.  

Feel the same way? Reach out now

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