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Two Māori women in a crowd of people smiling at someone out of the camera shot.

“A powerhouse of young people growing collective systems change champions in Aotearoa” 

Three women, one with red hair and two with dark hair looking at a sign on the wall. The one with red hair is pointing to it and smiling.


Many of our systems have been designed to benefit certain communities whilst excluding others.

That's why there’s a rising tide of change champions across the motu who are focused on collectively transforming the systems contributing to the big societal issues we’re facing as a country. 

Seeds for Change is a growing network of collective system change champions 
who believe equity is at the heart of thriving communities.

Building a network of systems change champions will provide opportunities to connect, grow and learn together so we can be the most effective systems change makers. 

We are supporting those working at collectively redesigning systems to create changes where everyone is valued and can share their gifts in love and joy.  

5 women in white tshirts with a a yellow logo reading Seed Waikato stand huddled in front of a white wall with big smiles on their faces. This is the Seeds for Change team for 2023
Ko Wai Mātou | About us

We are a powerhouse of young people growing collective systems  change champions in Aotearoa  

Group of people sit at a table writing notes from a workshop. There are two women and two men.
 Ā Mātau Mahi | Our Work

Growing a thriving network of passionate systems change champions across Aotearoa, so they are inspired to take collective action through effective systems change approaches.

Two women one in a green shirt and jeans with dark hair tied back, the other with long hair and white shirt are huddled together and laughing. It is sunny in the photo.
Hono | Connect

If you’re playing in the important space of Systems Change in Aotearoa – we'd love to connect and kōrero with you!   

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